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Northern Ireland Web Design

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Many years ago when I was a masters student at Ulster University, we were taught a module on designing websites using code. It scared the hell out of me. The thought of mastering this convoluted and clumsy interface to put myself out there on the world wide web gave me a total brain freeze! Becoming a Northern Ireland Web Design guru was definitely not a career move.

Roll on twenty years and I have become a web designer. You could say I am a bit of a fledgeling when it comes to this but the great thing about me now is that I have taught myself how to do it. No courses or long drawn out theses on the internet; just a common sense approach to doing something that was hitherto unaffordable.

northern ireland web design

At first WordPress was Intimidating. Now it’s my Career.

I first came across WordPress about 8 years ago. I had heard good things about it, but when I took a peek under the bonnet? Ouch! Brain freeze again. At the time I was in a relatively well paid and secure career with the national tourist board. No need therefore to stretch my intellect teaching myself how to design a web site. Far easier just to turn up for work and collect my salary!

Responding to Life Changes

What I hadn’t realised that was my supposedly ‘secure’ employment was actually killing me. As I hit my mid-40s I really shouldn’t have had a care in the world. That was until a routine medical appointment revealed that I should, in fact, have been dead. I had been living with undiagnosed acute hypertension for some years without knowing it. The doctor described me as ‘a dead man walking’.

northern ireland web design

Not the easiest of compliments being called ‘a dead man walking’ but it was a wake-up call

One of the main outcomes of this diagnosis and the procedures that followed was me becoming a pensioner at 45. I left the rat race and found myself having to deal with something that I hadn’t dealt with in an age; creative freedom. I was no longer bound by someone else’s rules nor hamstrung by bureaucracy. It was liberating.

Have to? – A Great Motivator

I started by pursuing my first passion – photography. I set up a small business to promote myself, with some success. But the missing link in all of this was a presence on the internet. I left my employer with a generous pension. But I dithered when it came to spending any of it on the extortionate web design quotes I received.

That decided it for me. I now had the time and the creative freedom to do it myself. I lifted the bonnet on WordPress again, this time a little more emboldened. I was still unsure, but I could now take risks without consequence – other than to my own time and pocket – so I set about developing my first web site.

With this came all of the other technological necessity; domain registration; domain hosting; search engine optimisation; content management; social media; inbound marketing; back links; and on and on! But throughout this remarkable journey I have kept one thing constant – my creative freedom is the one thing that continue to cherish and which is why Northern Ireland Web Design in now my career.

Working with Me

I’d love to work with you whatever size or stage your business is at. You’ll find it an easygoing and relaxed affair with a bit of humour and craic thrown in. Get in touch¬†or use the form below and I’ll get right back to you.

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